Our Product

At Beyond One, we conduct cutting edge research on UI/UX techniques and mobile infrastructure to lead the forefront of Augmented Reality development.

LPS - An AR Multiplayer System

LPS (Local Position Sync) is a multiplayer solution for mobile AR development. Using LPS, developers can build multiplayer games and shared experience apps in AR. LPS provides a simple interface to multiplayer AR at minimum friction - connectivity within 0.5 seconds.

The first use case of which was CurioPets, an AR pet game that enabled players to have play-dates with their pets through various mini-games.

AR User Testing

We believe the core users of AR will be the students of today and the generations that follow. As such, we have conducted extensive AR UI/UX research with students in order to create a best use cases and UI design template.

This research was conducted through various AR projects we created. The largest of which was CurioPets, an AR pet simulator game. Through CurioPets, we sought to better understand how children interact with virtual objects in AR

 Banner image for CurioPets

Banner image for CurioPets