The First Fantasy AR MMORPG

HAO is a modern rendition of the classic MMORPG. Using Beyond One's multiplayer AR technology, players can explore a virtual universe by performing actions in the real world!

Fight powerful monsters that emerge from portals across the world using powerful skills to gain rare loot and strengthen your character. Choose between the Warrior, Archer, Rogue, and Mage class to unlock new equipment and even more powerful skills! Collect Eggs that drop from monsters to hatch pets you can use in battle!

You have the power to destroy monsters, save lives, and discover treasure beyond this world! Become the strongest hero by completing quests and challenging other heroes in the Arena!

The Story

Several years ago, a wave of a mysterious energy known as Vita washed over the Earth giving certain people magical powers. Soon after, portals connecting Earth to another planet opened all over the globe releasing monsters known as Vitavores. These monsters started attacking people with magical powers and sapping their Vita leading to the victim's death.

Eventually four heroes came together to fight the Vitavores and save those who were unable to fight. Together Elric the Mage, Liza the Rogue, Olli the Archer, and Sunaa the Warrior were an unbeatable force. However, when they travelled into a portal to learn more about the origin of the Vitavores, they were ambushed. Only Elric was able to escape due to the sacrifice of his friends.

Weakened from his escape Elric lost the ability to fight, but he vowed to continue saving others with Vita by training them. Thus, the Heroes Alliance was created. Elric began recruiting those imbued with Vita to the Alliance, and trained them to become stronger. New recruits to the Alliance went on quests to help those with Vita who could not fight and trained to become the strongest hero in order to raid a portal alongside Elric.

The Gameplay

Experience a new type of dynamic and collaborative gameplay in HAO through Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality

Use your smartphone as a lens to this magical universe. Functioning as the Alter (Alliance Terminal), the screen of your phone enables you to see/interact with virtual monsters, navigate virtual environments, and manage your character. Move in game and aim your skills by moving your phone. Connect with friends to complete quests or battle in the Arena simply by scanning their Alter Code (QR Code).


  • Warrior - With high pools of health and deadly melee skills, this class is perfect for those who desire close combat

  • Archer - Armed with deadly long-ranged projectiles, this class is perfect for those who like to keep their distance

  • Rogue - Equipped with both high speed melee and ranged attacks, this fragile class is a complete glass cannon

  • Mage -  With access to several different magical skills, this class is great for both support and crowd control


Navigate the real world to find magical zones where NPCs live. Travel alone or with friends to find NPCs and accomplish tasks for them in order to earn Experience, Vita, and other rewards! Discover hidden dungeons or puzzles through quests to find rare items! Partake in special event quests to get access to limited edition items and skins to augment your character.


Collect eggs that drop from Vitavores and hatch them in order to use them in battle. Trade pets back to the Alliance to get pet specific Vita that you can use to upgrade your pet. Participate in boss raids in order to earn powerful, legendary pets!

The Arena

Train in the Arena to play with friends, hone your skills, and earn ranking points to purchase exclusive items!

Boss Battles

Gather a group of friends to challenge boss monsters. Coordinate attack strategies using your location and obstacles in the real world to defeat monsters the size of a house!


Challenge your friends in a 1v1 battle or participate in a massive battle royale. Dodge attacks by moving in the real world your opponents launch fireballs or slash waves of energy at you!

Endless Waves

Survive an endless onslaught of monsters solo or up to four friends. Pick your real world location strategically as the obstacles in the real world can help you evade enemies or prevent you from reaching key power ups!